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SLT Minutes Remote 10/16/20

P.S. 100

2951 West 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11224

(718) 382-2760


October 16, 2020 (Remote Meeting Zoom)

2:15-3:25 PM

Members Present:

Chiara Spagnolo Principal

Joanne Bullaro Teacher/UFT Chairperson

Laurie Kominsky Teacher/SLT Recording Secretary

Brooke Fariello Teacher/SLT Financial Liaison

Elena Fallon Teacher

Stephanie Corso Teacher

Nancy Schwartz UFT Para Rep

Maria Teitler Parent

Irene Tsepelman Parent

Regina Karalitskaya Parent

Members Absent:

Ekaternina Ovchinnikova Parent

Zoya Reznik Parent

· Last spring, we were informed that PTA and SLT elections would be on hold because of the pandemic situation. Now that a new school year has begun, we will have to hold SLT and PTA elections for this school year. Irene Tsepelman said that the PTA is having a virtual PTA Election meeting on October 27 to hold elections for all positions. Ms. Bullaro said that she will begin the process of staff elections for SLT positions. As of right now, we are short one parent because Mariya Gold has moved to Arizona and will no longer be serving on SLT. Ms. Spagnolo mentioned that an incentive to become involved in SLT is to have a voice in the school activities and Comprehensive Education Plan and the stipend is $10/hr up to 30 hours. Ms. Tsepelman will also send out emails to E. Ovchinnikova and Z. Reznik to see if they are interested in continuing as members of SLT.

· SLT meeting dates for the 2020-2021 school year were proposed and accepted as follows: September 18, October 16, November 20, December 18, January 15, 2021, February 26, March 19, April 16, May 21, June 4, and June 11. Ms. Spagnolo will set up Zoom meeting links for all the meetings. These meetings will be posted on our school website, Ms. Kominsky will complete the form and email it to Georgette as requested.

· Ms. Tsepelman stated that PTA meetings will be held virtually every 3rd Tuesday of the month. Fliers will be distributed and the reminders and links will be posted on our PS 100 website.

· SLT Bylaws were reviewed. No changes need to be made at this time. Ms. Bullaro will find out how to get them signed electronically by SLT members and submit to Georgette once they are signed.

· School Budget Updates: As of October 7, PS 100 lost 122 students due to families moving, students going to charter or private schools that are offering 5 days/week in person learning, and other reasons because of the pandemic. Our current register is 702 students and because of this, PS 100 has lost $700,000. Since we are not a Title I school, there are not many things we can cut, so staff had to be cut and 5 teachers were excessed. Ms. Spagnolo and Ms. Mazzeo had to condense classes, move students and teachers around, and revise schedules. Ms. Spagnolo was very concerned about the emotional well being of students and their families and with the support of the district, these teachers were “returned” to PS 100 for now. However, this may be temporary and Ms. Spagnolo does not know if or when they will be pulled from us again. Hopefully, if and when things return to normal and we go back to 5 days in-person teaching and learning, the students who went to other schools will come back to PS 100.

· CEP Goals: Ms. Spagnolo worked on this during the summer. We were close to meeting our goals based on our data from last year before the pandemic hit. When we began remote learning, many students went from below or at level to way above level and the Instructional Team felt that the work they were seeing was not authentic student work. Going forward, we need to measure the gaps in order to meet the CEP Goals. The goals we will be working on this year are ELA, Math, Attendance, and Social-Emotional and all goals will be examined by the following categories: all students, ELL, and SPED. SLT will review goals next SLT meeting.

· Parent-Teacher Conferences are 3 weeks away. Ms. Spagnolo met with the Instructional Team to discuss grades since there are only 2 Marking Periods this school year. The first marking period ends in February and since we do not want parents waiting that long to inform them of their child’s progress, we will be completing Progress Reports. These will help us streamline conversations with parents by having data available when teachers meet with them. The progress reports will show where the student is now, where they should be, and how we can work together to help them meet that gap.

· I-Ready assessments will begin next week. Ms. Spagnolo is insisting on authentic student work and has put measures in place for students to be “proctored” during virtual administration of assessments.

· Ms. Tsepelman has volunteered to contact our political leaders to get funding and grants to keep teachers on staff.

· Next PTA Meeting will be virtual on October 20 at 6 pm. The link will be posted on the PS 100 website.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Kominsky


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