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P.S. 100

2951 West 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11224

(718) 382-2760


September 18, 2020 (Remote Meeting Zoom)


In attendance at this meeting:

Chiara Spagnolo Principal

Joanne Bullaro Teacher/UFT Chairperson

Laurie Kominsky Teacher/SLT Recording Secretary

Brooke Fariello Teacher/SLT Financial Liaison

Elena Fallon Teacher

Stephanie Corso Teacher

Nancy Schwartz UFT Para Rep

Maria Teitler Parent

Irene Tsepelman Parent

Regina Karalitskaya Parent

· The mayor and Chancellor have decided to delay in-person learning and will stagger the dates. Pre-K is starting in-person for those students who requested blended learning on Monday September 21. Grades K-5 will begin in person learning on Tuesday, September 29. Monday, September 28 is a holiday and there is no school for anyone.

· Beginning Monday, September 21, ALL other students, besides Pre-K, will be learning remotely until September 29. This counts as instructional time.

· Parents and visitors will not be allowed in the building except for PTA members, parents who have appointments with administration or the nurse, and any other emergencies that arise will be considered based upon administration approval.

· All staff entering the building, will need to complete a health screening and will have temperature checks done upon arrival. Any visitors that have appointments will also be subject to health screenings and temperature checks. In addition, all students will have temperature checks upon arrival as well.

· Arrival and dismissal gates and times will be posted outside, on Google Classrooms, on Class DOJO, and on our PS 100 website, Ms. Spagnolo reminded parents to be mindful of the arrival and dismissal times for their classes and not to gather around the entrances and exits. We must practice social distancing, 6 feet apart, and masks must be worn at all times when dropping off and picking up children. There will also be cohort checks upon arrival to ensure that the right children are coming on the right days. Parents should not just leave their children on line and leave. They should wait for their child to be checked in and then they can go on their way.

· Upon arrival, students will have their cohort checked, their temperature taken, and given a squirt of hand sanitizer. They may pick up a grab and go breakfast on their way up to class if they have not eaten breakfast at home. Lunch will also be a cold bagged lunch, no hot lunch will be provided in school. Students may, of course, bring their own lunch from home.

· Masks are mandatory in school for all students. They will be able to take them off to eat, but must wear them at all other times. Ms. Spagnolo encouraged parents to practice mask wearing at home and when they go outside for walks.

· Protocols and rules will be discussed with the children with their teachers. These include, but are not limited to, bathroom protocols, lunch, and social distancing. Windows must be open for air circulation and ventilation.

· Ms. Spagnolo reviewed some Remote Learning Expectations since almost all children will have some remote learning. This document will be posted on Class DOJO, Google Classrooms, and our website. Parents are encouraged to ensure that their children are awake and ready to begin the school day at 8:30. Students should be dressed appropriately (no pajamas) and sitting at a desk or table in an area with minimal distractions. Virtual backgrounds are not allowed. Students must check in on attendance forms daily when they are home and they must be on time and prepared for all live meets and instruction with their teachers. Students will be held more accountable now than in the spring. All work must be completed and turned in on time. Participation and student engagement are part of their grade.

· The chat feature on Google Meet and Zoom are for questions and answers, not for friendly conversations between students. Assignments and homework will be given daily and students are expected to complete all work. When instruction is going on, parents should not be involved with the lesson.

· Parents are also encouraged to allow their children to do their own authentic work. Parents might need to assist with technology or help younger children with directions and guidance. All children must do their own assignments and work with their teachers if they have questions.

· CEP Goals: Instructional Teams identify goals that the school needs to work on based on data. Last school year, by June, we did not meet all of our goals because of the pandemic and school shutdown. We will revisit our goals, begin looking at new data, and work on the CEP beginning next meeting.

· Ms. Spagnolo explained that there have been so many changes on a daily basis. Also, parents are deciding now to choose remote only and every time this happens, Ms. Spagnolo and Ms. Mazzeo have to change class lists and rosters. Our goals are to keep our students safe and learning. Ms. Spagnolo thanked the parents for their partnership, support, in

put, and collaboration. The PTA wants to do a Welcome Back for the first day of school.

· Ms. Tsepelman, PTA President, informed us that there will be a PTA Meeting on October 21, 2020. Details are forthcoming and will be posted on our PS 100 website.

· Our next SLT Meeting will be Friday, October 16, 2020.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Kominsky


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