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PS 100 is pleased to “SPREAD THE NEWS” that our school can earn money when families and friends shop at is a great way to support our school by shopping at your favorite online merchants or donating a Caring for Classroom Gift Card. is an online shopping mall where over 200 nationally known online merchants have agreed to give a percentage between 5%-50% of sales to k-12 schools. Companies like, Sears, Target,, Family bookstore, Oriental Trading Company and many more.

You can also donate a CARING FOR CLASSROOM GIFT CARD to a student’s classroom. Your donation will be used by their teacher for books, educational magazine, and classroom supplies.

Donating a CARING FOR CLASSROOM GIFT CARD is a wonderful way to enhance the reading and learning experience for an entire classroom.

Starting Tuesday, January 18, 2022, we will be sending home Parent Information Envelopes to students from grades pre-k – 5th. Once your child returns their Envelope with their Student Prize Confirmation Code, he/she will receive a Plush Hugger.

Parent/Guardian sign up at, you will automatically be entered on Sunday’s night drawing. Winning Prize Play Station 5.


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