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PS 100 May School Leadership Team Meeting notes

P.S. 100

2951 West 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11224

(718) 382-2760


May 15, 2020 (Remote Meeting through Microsoft Teams)

2:30-3:40 PM

In attendance at this meeting:

Chiara Spagnolo Principal

Joanne Bullaro Teacher/UFT Chairperson

Laurie Kominsky Teacher/SLT Recording Secretary

Brooke Fariello Teacher/SLT Financial Liaison

Elena Fallon Teacher

Stephanie Corso Teacher

Nancy Schwartz UFT Para Rep

Zoya Reznik Parent

Maria Teitler Parent

Irene Tsepelman Parent

Regina Karalitskaya Parent

· Ms. Spagnolo and Mr. Opromalla had to the opportunity to visit classrooms today.

· Parent Town Hall meetings will be held by Ms. Spagnolo. She and Ms. Malave (Parent Coordinator) will be setting them up. Meeting times will be as follows: May 19 from 1:30pm-2:30pm for grades pre-k, k, and 1 parents; May 20 at 1:30pm will be for 2nd and 3rd grade parents and at 2:30 will be for 4th and 5th grade parents. Ms. Spagnolo will also invite teachers if they can come. Ms.Spagnolo will send out an agenda. Guidelines will be given, for example, all microphones will have to be on mute except for the speaker and questions can be submitted prior to the meeting or during the meeting in the comments section.

· Grading Policy: The DOE grading policy has been sent out and shared with families. The final grade, September through June, will be a cumulative grade based on overall work for the whole year. This will be an “MT” for Meeting Standards or “N” for Needs Improvement. The 3rd Marking Period Grade will be a number grade. Promotion Policy is forthcoming from the DOE.

· IReady assessments: Instructional Cabinet Meeting was held and according to the District, these iready assessments will be used to see where students are performing now and to help plan how we will meet student needs next year. Ms. Spagnolo will send out an iready PowerPoint to parents explaining that we need to see authentic student work in order to plan for next year. Parents should have their children sit alone in a quiet place for no longer than 20-25 minutes at a time to complete these assessments. Parents should not help their children with the content in order to have authentic results. Ms. Tsepelman also stated that at President’s Council meeting and meeting with Ms. Farkas, a discussion was had about reading in small groups next year at children’s reading level, not necessarily grade level.

· Ms. Spagnolo also brought up Councilman Chaim Deutsch and a CASA (Cultural After-School Adventures Program?) grant. Ms. Tsepelman will contact his office to start the application process. Hopefully, this can help bring the Arts into PS 100 in an after school program.

· Ms. Spagnolo discussed celebration activities, Step-Up for Pre-K and kindergarten and 5th grade graduation. She spoke to the representative who takes our school pictures and there would be a $10 fee per child for a graduation video. If parents agree, we can use the cap and gown money from Senior Dues to fund this. Ms. Spagnolo also found out that schools may be able to use Covid essential expenses to fund some of these activities. Ms. Tsepelman brought up diplomas for 5th grade. Diplomas would cost $12/per child. If we order them, they can be distributed at the same time as the yearbooks and t-shirts. Pre-k is working on something for Step-Up and Ms. Spagnolo will check with kindergarten to see what they are doing. Ms. Tsepelman will also contact the person who makes the t-shirts and banners to see if we can get a Congratulations Graduates banner for outside the school. Parents can come with their children to take pictures outside the school.

· Family Activities: Since this is a very overwhelming time for everyone, Ms. Spagnolo wants to involve families in some activities. Wellness Wednesdays have begun and information can be obtained through the DOE website. Ms. Corso did a Musical Bingo with her class. Although this costs money, she will look into it and see if we can bring it to a school level. Other suggestions were for Zumba classes and Yoga.

· SLT/PTA Elections: Ms. Tsepelman stated that they were told at President’s Council that all positions remain as is until school resumes. PTA members will stay unless they are graduating out. Elections can then be held when we go back to school. No SLT elections will be held at this time.

· Ms. Reznik asked a question about how parents will get report cards. Ms. Spagnolo will find out. Parents should also have access on their NYC accounts.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Kominsky


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