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PS 100 April School Leadership Team Meeting Notes

P.S. 100

2951 West 3rd Street

Brooklyn, NY 11224

(718) 382-2760


April 24, 2020 (Remote Meeting through Microsoft teams)

2:30-3:30 PM

In attendance at this meeting:

Chiara Spagnolo Principal

Joanne Bullaro Teacher/UFT Chairperson

Laurie Kominsky Teacher/SLT Recording Secretary

Brooke Fariello Teacher/SLT Financial Liaison

Elena Fallon Teacher

Stephanie Corso Teacher

Nancy Schwartz UFT Para Rep

Mariya Gold Parent

Zoya Reznik Parent

Maria Teitler Parent

Irene Tsepelman Parent

Regina Karalitskaya Parent

Katerina Ovchinnikova Parent

· Ms. Bullaro asked for Parent Feedback about remote learning. Ms. Tsepelman felt it was okay, however, a suggestion she made is to have the teachers “meet live” with their students once a week so that the students could feel more connected. She has a first grader and thinks this will help the younger students. Ms. Corso said she would bring the idea back to her grade via grade meeting.

· Ms. Spagnolo apologized for the duplicate family surveys. She was asked to put out a Parent Survey, which we did, and then the DOE put out a family survey as well. The results led to teachers self-reflecting and using the data to help with teaching strategies and ideas.

· Ms. Spagnolo also brought up 5th grade activities. She will meet with the 5th grade team next week to discuss some ideas. Ms. Tsepelman will contact Gargiuolo’s Restaurant to refund deposit for the prom. She will also speak to the company that does the balloons for graduation and see if they can do something special for our return to school. “Dressing up” the entrances will feel like a celebration upon our return. Ms. Tsepelman also asked Ms. Spagnolo about having the carnival which we usually have at the end of the year. Perhaps we can have it at the beginning of the year in the fall instead. Ms. Spagnolo said that Ms. Rogers is going ahead with the yearbook, so she wants to do something, perhaps right before school opens, for the 5th graders so they can get their T-shirts, yearbooks, and have a get together. She was thinking perhaps we can sponsor the Senior BBQ then and maybe have the DJ from the prom, DJ the BBQ instead. This will all be discussed with the 5th grade teacher team.

· CEP: We are still updating and modifying the CEP. We will be able to use data from iready for ELA and math. May 2, there will begin an iready diagnostic for the students and once they are complete, we can review the data to see progress and update the CEP goals. She asked SLT Members to look at the CEP before our next meeting.

· Grading Policy: Ms. Spagnolo had a conference call with the superintendent, and she said that the DOE will be addressing grades and outlining a grading policy, especially for report cards.

· Ms. Spagnolo asked the parents to encourage their children to continue to put effort into their learning. We want to work together to prepare students for the next grade and we hope the parents continue to work as a partner with the teachers to ensure that we are ready for next school year. Of course, there has to be flexibility, but continuity of learning is very important.

· Ms. Spagnolo also mentioned that the policy is that nobody enters the school building at this time. Mail seems to be getting delivered and left in bins in the school.

· Ms. Spagnolo and Ms. Bullaro will let us know when our May meeting will take place.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Kominsky


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