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Middle School Waitlists are Open!

Waitlists are open! Now you can use MySchools to:

  • View the programs where your child is automatically waitlisted, if applicable

  • Add your child to additional waitlists (optional)

  • Check your child’s position on each program’s waitlist

  • Accept or decline a waitlist offer, if you receive one Waitlists will remain open until August. Remember, you can also use MySchools to view your child’s middle school offer letter. Don’t have a MySchools account, or have questions about your child’s offer

  • Talk with your child’s school counselor

  • Contact a Family Welcome Center—when you do, please include your child’s name, last name and date of birth in your message: this will allow us to help you more quickly.

  • Call us at 718-935-2009 You can also get support with waitlist-specific questions and requests at Thank you, The Middle School Admissions Team, Office of Student Enrollment


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