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June 5th, School Leadership Meeting


June 5, 2020 (Remote Meeting through Microsoft teams)

2:30-3:45 PM

In attendance at this meeting:

Chiara Spagnolo Principal

Joanne Bullaro Teacher/UFT Chairperson

Laurie Kominsky Teacher/SLT Recording Secretary

Brooke Fariello Teacher/SLT Financial Liaison

Elena Fallon Teacher

Stephanie Corso Teacher

Nancy Schwartz UFT Para Rep

Mariya Gold Parent

Irene Tsepelman Parent

Regina Karalitskaya Parent

Katerina Ovchinnikova Parent

· PTA President, Irene Tsepelman asked about the Councilman Chaim Deutsch CASA (Cultural After-School Adventures Program?) grant. Ms. Tsepelman will contact his office to start the application process. Hopefully, this can help bring the Arts into PS 100 in an after school program.

· Ms. Tsepelman ordered a banner for outside the school for congratulating the PS 100 5th grade graduates. She will send the proof to Ms. Spagnolo. Once it is complete, Ms. Spagnolo will meet him by the school, give him a check, and will notify parents that they can come take pictures near the banner. She will include safety issues about social distancing, etc.

· Ms. Bullaro discussed iReady and students not finishing on time. Ms. Tsepelman posted a message on the PS 100 Facebook page to remind parents to make sure their children are completing iReady independently and timely.

· Parent Town Hall meetings were a success and they will be held again next week by Ms. Spagnolo. Meeting times will be as follows: June 10 at 1:00 pm for grades pre-k, k, and 1 parents; June 10 at 2:00pm for 2nd and 3rd grade parents and June 11 at 1:30 pm for 4th and 5th grade parents. Guidelines will be given, for example, all microphones will have to be on mute except for the speaker and questions can be submitted prior to the meeting or during the meeting in the comments section.

· Budget information is forthcoming; we might not know anything until July because NY is waiting for federal acts to be passed to see how much money we will be getting. Our next SLT meeting will be held on June 19 (instead of originally planned for June 12) so that Ms. Spagnolo can present expenses and instructional absolutes to SLT. For example, although iReady is expensive, the data we get from it, helps drive our instruction because we can see our students’ progress, strengths, and weaknesses. It helps us plan strategies to help students make progress according to their reading and math levels. On the other hand, our Ballroom Dance Program for 4th graders, is very expensive and, since we have a licensed dance teacher, Ms. Wojcieszek can do the ballroom dance program on her own and we can still have performances. Therefore, perhaps we can cut that expense out. This later date for SLT will also give Ms. Spagnolo time to review CEP goals and data from iReady so the CEP can be updated with the most recent information and data.

· Ms. Spagnolo discussed end-of-year celebration activities, Graduation and Step-Up Ceremonies for Pre-K, kindergarten, and 5th grade. Links for each ceremony will be sent out to the parents. Ms. Spagnolo has had some requests from 5th grade parents about having a virtual prom. Since the prom is a PTA sponsored event, she asked the PTA if they could coordinate this. Unfortunately, this will not be an option at this time. Ms. Tsepelman gave the following reasons: PTA cannot pay for anything electronically and since we cannot get into the building, there is no access to funds. Also, a virtual prom cannot be properly supervised because of safety and privacy concerns. Other 5th grade activity possibilities were mentioned, such as a motorcade and 5th grade game night. The House Party app was discussed and will be looked into.

· Ms. Fariello suggested that going forward next school year, a parent list with phone numbers can be shared amongst parents so their children have access to other children during times like this. She did this for pre-k and it seems to have worked out for the children to be able to “get together” on apps like FaceTime.

· Next SLT Meeting will be on June 19 and Ms. Spagnolo will have more budget and CEP information and data available at that time.

Respectfully submitted,

Laurie Kominsky


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