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CCELL monthly meeting is on Tuesday, Feb 8 @6:15PM

Citywide Council on English language Learners(CCELL) February 2022 Monthly Meeting Date: Tuesday, Feb 8, 2022 at 6:15 pm Please register in advance at: Habrá servicios de interpretación en español. 届时将提供普通话口译服务。 Calendar Meeting Key Topics

  • CCELL President’s report - Charlie Huang

  • Division of Multilingual Learners report - Lisa Pineda

  • Presentation of "ELL Parents Hotline and Resources at New York State Language RBERN "

- Ron Woo, Executive Director @ Language RBERN, NYU Steinhardt

  • CCELL Committee reports

  • Office of Family and Community Empowerment (FACE) Liaison report - Lynn Sanchez

Business Meeting Key Topics

  • Discussion on topics for future ELL Parents Institute and CCELL session/meetings

  • Discussion on strategies to engage with ELL parents

Please email us if you have any questions at Citywide Council on English Language Learners(CCELL) 28-11 Queens Plaza North, 4th Floor Long Island City, NY, 11101 Email: website: Take the ELL Parents Survey


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